Funky Frogs Franchise

Funky Frogs franchise opportunities are now available in all regions of South Africa!

Funky Frogs’ unique concept and way of operation makes this a very successful and FUN business to operate. It is a “hands on” business where personal relations between owner / manager and clients are of utmost importance.

What makes Funky Frogs unique?

Funky Frogs have a very unique and attractive “look and feel” which we are very proud of. Most equipment is designed by the franchisor and manufactured by the dedicated Funky Frogs team based in the Eastern Cape. Kept in mind at all times is the safety of the children when using the equipment, the skills we aim to develop by using the equipment as well as the practicality of the equipment.

At Funky Frogs we prefer using natural materials as well as recycled materials to manufacture our equipment rather than imported equipment. This keeps set up costs affordable to the franchisee and also gives our team the opportunity of testing all equipment prior to installation ensuring that everything passes the Funky Frogs standards test.

Becoming part of the Funky Frogs Team:

To apply to become part of our Funky Frogs team, the enquiry form below can be downloaded, completed and returned to together with a copy of the applicants CV if available.

Download Franchise Proposal

At Funky Frogs the application assessment is based on a personal interview between applicant and franchisor as we believe that the most important aspects in this business stem from the franchisees personality and personal experiences.

Complete training and ongoing support is provided by the franchisor thus no previous experience in a similar business is required.

Applicants must have a passion for children, good communication skills, a creative imagination and the drive and dedication to work for him/herself.


  • Complete the enquiry form and return to franchisor
  • The basic franchise information and application form will be emailed to you.
  • The application form can be returned to the franchisor should you wish to proceed with the application.
  • A telephonic interview between applicant and franchisor will follow in order to discuss the application
  • You will receive the disclosure document which you will be required to sign and return to the franchisor in order to protect franchise information
  • The franchisor will assist with drawing up the business plan and cash flow projections for the branch.
  • Securing suitable premises (combined process)
  • Personal meeting between franchisor and applicant, viewing premises, finalizing floor layout.
  • Signing of franchise agreement
  • Manufacturing and installations (approx 5 weeks)
  • Opening

We are looking forward to meeting you!
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Download Franchise Proposal